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Update - Homes sold in September in your neighborhood



What Sold! Activity in your neighborhood for Sept. 2015


Curious about what's selling in your neighborhood? Below are links to some of the popular neighborhoods of Jacksonville and what sold during the month of September. LOTS of activity going on! Many of these areas have a shortage of homes for sale. If you have a house you've been thinking about putting on the market, now's the time. Reach out to me and I can give you more information. 

San Marco



Murray Hill



Jacksonville Beach

Neptune Beach

Atlantic Beach

Ponte Vedra


Don't see your neighborhood listed? Send me a quick email at heather.buckman@bhhsfnr.com or text/call at 904.233.6755 and I'll pull it for you!

Hope everyone's enjoying their October!



State of our Schools - Exclusive Update for Realtors


Yesterday I attended a panel discussion with Dr. Nikolai Vitti - Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, Nina Waters - President of The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, and Laurie DuBow - Advisory Board member of the Quality Education for All Fund. 

Since realtors are by nature ambassadors of our city, they have the potential to be ambassadors of our public school system, and the discussion was designed to bring realtors up to date on the vast changes that are underway in our public school system. 

It's no secret that our school system has been wrought with troubles including low high school graduation rates, a large achievement gap, and controversy over the magnet and charter school programs. In recent years, philanthropists in our community came together to start the "Quality Education for All" (QEA) program -a large fund of private donors who have raised $35 million dollars to date to spend in our school system. Because the single most important factor in a child's education is the quality of the teacher, the primary goal of QEA is teacher quality and retention. 

The work they are doing has already had impact. The high school graduation rate has increased 16% in the last five years, to 72%. Of the 7 major urban areas in Florida, we have moved to #3 for graduation rate of minorities, and #1 in math achievement. 

Specific to recruitment and retention, the fund implements strategies often used in the business world - some of the programs include rewarding teachers with $20,000 to stay in an underperforming school, and $17,000 for a teacher to move from a high to a low performing school. 

With regards to this huge initiative, advisory board member Laurie DuBow stated "We have everything we need in place for this to be able to happen, and that may not happen again. We need the superintendent's guts and our money." All board members have privately donated over $5 million dollars to the fund. 

Dr. Vitti touched on a sensitive topic during the meeting - public perception of the school system. "If it's anything you leave here today with, it's this message - Give us a chance." He talked about how when he moved here, his wife called different places asking for advice about where to send her children. (In the discussions she didn't mention that her husband is the superintendent.)The message that she overwhelmingly got? "Whatever you do, don't send your children to public school here." 

"Even if you're not 'in' the system, or choose to send your children to private school, it's our duty to support a strong public school system", Dr. Vitti urged. "We all believe in democracy, and one of the basic tenets of democracy is equal opportunity. In order to not perpetuate the caste society of "haves" and "have-nots", we have to provide equal opportunity in the form of quality education for everyone." 

Here are some great resources shared in the discussion:

School Facts Jax - Your one-stop source for information about public schools. School grades, graduation rates, and more

Quality Education Fund for All - $50 million dollar investment in Duval County Public Schools

Jacksonville Public Education Fund - Nonprofit research-based organization focused on raising the quality of education in Duval County



NEW Info Released- July's housing market stats for Riverside/Avondale/Ortega


Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find current market information, info on my listings, and fun tidbits about our beautiful city of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville's vibrant historical neighborhoods are my specialty - and the market is looking great! According to the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, this is what we're looking at for the Riverside/Avondale/Ortega area:

  • Average sales price is up almost 10% year to date.
  • Days on market is almost 12% down year to date to 98 days!
  • Months supply of inventory is right at 6 months 

What does this mean to you? It's a great time to place your home on the market, with rising sales prices, an average of three months on the market to sale, and a balanced inventory that's not saturated with homes right now.

Contact me now to find out what your home is worth!


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